Alle Jahre wieder!

Dear fellow citizens!
I am honoured to announce that the DGs – in particular Hias, San, Dill, Crazy and Casp have come to an agreement considering the date of the annual Saint Woods Summit.
Beformentioned exquisit human beings will gather – once again – on the legendary fields of Saint Woods: from April, 22. to 25., 2017.
As ever, not all will arrive or leave at the same time, but never mind!
Following the tradition and code of brotherhood, unity and mutual understanding to celebrate excelent friendship, they will feast on delicious foods, down mindblowing amounts of carefully selected brews and intoxic themselfs (for our all benefit) with finest herbes.
I do not promise too much by saying „you need to search far to find such great and true guys“!
A toast to Saint Woods and the mighty Draimle Giele!

Gutes wird Besser!

Der Food-waste wird jährlich kleiner, Schmerzmittel kommen kaum zum Einsatz. Abtauchen im Brunnen wird zum Volkssport, Alpengolf ist akzeptiert und professionalisiert 

– der Durst bleibt.

St Woods diciassette

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